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about caa

Whether in the serene valleys of the East, or the rugged mountains of the West, the Christian Adventure Association is the professional association and place of fellowship for those who use wilderness and adventure activities to impact lives for Christ.

We provide one national conference annually with locations rotating between the east and the west. We also provide information on excellent training opportunities that will help you develop both hard and soft outdoor skills with a focus on ministry and spiritual formation.  Check out our training page for more info.

Get involved as a member to make an impact on the future use of wilderness and adventure activities, as well as, take advantage of member benefits. CAA is a non-profit, member driven organization so getting involved makes a difference!

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Our Mission

Connecting Christian leaders and students in the adventure and wilderness industry to promote collaboration, faith integration, fellowship and transformational growth.

Statement of Faith

We are convinced of and deeply committed to the following basic truths:

  • The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were inspired by God the Holy Spirit and are completely inerrant in the original writings and serve as supreme and final authority in faith and life. (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:20)
  • There is one God, externally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14)
  • God the Father is an infinite, personal spirit, perfect in holiness, wisdom, power and love. He concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of people. He hears and answers prayer. He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ. (John 4:24; 1 Corinthians 1:30)
  • The Holy Spirit is a divine person, set to indwell, teach, empower the believer, and convict the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment. (Romans 8; John 16:5-16)
  • Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit, was born of Mary, a virgin, is fully God and fully human. He died for our sins according to the Scriptures and all who believe in Him are justified by God on the basis of His shed blood. (Matthew 1:18-23; 1 Peter 1:18-21; Romans 3:24, 25a; 4:5)
  • Humankind was created in the image of God. Humans sinned and thereby incurred not only physical death but also spiritual death, which is separation from God. All human beings are born with a sinful nature. (Rom. 5:12; Eph. 2:1-3)
  • The crucified body of our Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected. He ascended into heaven and presently interceded for us before God. There will be bodily resurrection of the just and of the unjust, resulting in everlasting reward for the saved and everlasting punishment for the lost. (1 Cor. 15:1-4; 1 John 1:1-2; John 5:24-29)
  • There shall be the imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13-14)
  • All who receive the Lord Jesus by faith are born of the Holy Spirit and thereby become children of God. (John 1:12)

Adopted October 2012

Our History

CAA is the joining of the Christian Adventure Education Institute (CAEI) and the Christian Wilderness Leaders Coalition (CWLC). The merger was completed in January 2008. In the summer of 2005, CWLC and CAEI decided in order to best serve Christians using wilderness and adventure activities the two organizations should work as one, combining their efforts and resources, not competing to serve. CAEI and the CWLC each trace their roots back to 1984, bring over 2 decades of history and experience with them. CAEI key resource to the organization is the Outdoor Leadership Lab (OLL) which provides solid skills training in a variety of wilderness and adventure activities along with Christian integration. As CAA moves into full swing, there is a desire to expand trainings that happen through OLL. CWLC key resource to the organization is conferences. Conferences provide space to network, learn, fellowship, and be rejuvenated with others in the industry. CAA will continue providing quality conferences to meet the needs of those in the wilderness and adventure fields.